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John William Whittington




John started racing in 2007, when he joined university. "I have always been competitive but my shy and reserved side prevented me from really getting involved with sports." Luckily, members of the university club raced and were very welcoming, offering the perfect stepping stone onto the racing scene.

Blowing the doors clean off at his first race, he developed the desire to rise up through the ranks. Earning his Elite licence within the minimum possible two years, and placing 4th U23 in only his second National Championships.


Current and Future

Currently coached by Andy Wadsworth; an experienced and practiced World Cup racer himself, who trains a number of high level cyclists. They both know there is a lot of developing left to allow John's talent to fully shine, after a relatively late entry to high level sport.

His long term aim is to progress towards Rio 2016. Concentrating on the British National Series and a number of International races, including World Cups, along the way. As a student, he hopes to be selected for the 2011 World Student Games in China.

Please see the calendar section for an up to date view of his season.

Outside Cycling

Along with studying Mechanical Engineering at Bath University, John loves to cook; "It's a hobby which ties in nicely with my training since I really care about my nutrition." A keen interest in the arts and a newly found love for reading, are how he spends his rest days.

A very hands-on person, taking apart and fixing things from a young age, saying himself: "I will rarely get someone to do something for me, I'd rather work out or learn how to do something myself, normally because I think I can do it better!" A long history in computing, John designed and coded this website.


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National Ranking

(August '11)



  • Southern Road Race Champion


  • Western CycloCross Champion
  • Bronze Southern CycloCross Championships
  • 11th National Series Rd 3 - Hopton Forest
  • 3rd Midlands Rd 2
  • Silver Red Bull Hill Chasers - Park Street, Bristol


  • 4th Elite National Rankings
  • 8th National Championships (Senior) - Aske, North Yorkshire
  • South-West Regional and Series Champion
  • 1st South-West Rd 1 - Bodmin
  • 1st South-West Rd 2 - Newnham Park
  • 1st South-West Rd 4 - Woodbury Common
  • 1st South-West Rd 5 - Purdown (Regional Champs)
  • 6th Southern Champs
  • 12th National Series Rd 5 - Newnham Park
  • 17th (14th GBR) National Series Rd 3 - Wasing Park
  • 21st (13th GBR) National Series Rd 2 - Dalby Forest
  • 46th Olympic Test Event - Haleigh Farm
  • 115th UCI World Cup Rd 2 - Dalby Forest


  • 11th National Series Rd 1 (3rd U23)
  • 16th National Series Rd 2 (4th U23)
  • 2nd Welsh Series Rd 3 Inc Welsh Champs
  • 1st South-West Series Rd 5


  • 4th National Champs U23

British Universities

  • Full Blue, University of Bath - 2011
  • Individual Silver, MTB Champs - 2011, 2008
  • Team Gold, MTB Champs - 2011, 2010
  • Team Bronze CX Champs - 2008


  • 25th March
  • 15th April
  • 22nd April
  • 13th May
  • 20th May
  • 27th May
  • 2nd June
  • 17th June
  • 15th July
  • 22nd July
  • 4th August
  • 26th August
  • 9th September
  • 7th October


  • British MTB Series Rd 1 - Sherwood Pines, GBR
  • UCI World Cup Rd 2 - Houffalize, BEL
  • British MTB Series Rd 2 - Dalby Forest, GBR
  • Southern Champs - Wasing Park, GBR
  • UCI World Cup Rd 4 - La Bresse, FRA
  • British MTB Series Rd 3 - Eastridge, GBR
  • Belgium GP Rd 2 - Averbode, BEL
  • British MTB Series Rd 4 - Kirroughtree, GBR
  • British MTB Series Rd 5 - Landon Hills, GBR
  • British National Championships - Wasing, GBR
  • Belgium Cup Rd 5 - Boom, BEL
  • Int. MTB Bundeslegia - Lennestadt, GER
  • UCI Marathon Series - Obwalden, SUI
  • World Marathon Championships (Selection Dependant)

John frequently models for Robert Smith, the main photographer for Cycling Plus. He is in the magazine roughly every other month and has been on the cover a number of times. He also does some modelling for

Available at various periods during the year; please contact John for any modelling enquires.


John in the Media

Cycling Weekly Focus on CNP Orbea (Dec 1, 2011)


Cycling Weekly on Red Bull Hill Climb (2nd Place)


Online Articles

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CNP Orbea Team Photo

Current Team - CNP Orbea

I currently ride for the mountain bike team: CNP - Orbea

Orbea Logo CNP Logo Continental Bioracer Logo

CNP Logo

Nutritional Supplements - CNP

ProHydrate: The best sports drink I have encountered. Unlike a lot of energy drinks, ProHydrate doesn't make me feel like I'm just downing spoonfuls of sugar. I don't get that furry teeth feeling after using it which makes me willing to use it during training. Added protein makes it suitable for longer distance events and easier on the stomach. It literally is a pro way to hydrate!

ProRecover: Chocolate being my favourite, tastes like melted chocolate ice cream. With high GI sucrose providing the necessary insulin spike for my muscles to replenish their glycogen and protein to repair, it is one effective ice cream!

Gels: The gels provide the right level of sweetness which give me a metal kick as well as providing the important carbohydrates to keep racing. I find the cola caffeine gels particularly useful when I'm starting to flag.

ProPeptide: An easily palatable dose of protein which is now an integral part of my training regine: post gym and in the morning before breakfast.

FlapJacks: I have these stashed in various places now in case of hunger knocks such after training at Uni or travel to and from races.

ProEnergy: Another top on my list of nutrition products. Most other bars seem to get it wrong in some form; too hard, sweet, sticky, tasteless, but ProEnergy bars seem to have found the balance. I think they have the pleasant texture of cold-pressed flapjacks. .

Prendas Logo

Clothing Accessories - Prendas Ciclismo

Prendas are a UK based company and a personal sponsor of mine; a great bunch of guys who really help support the UK scene.

They supply me with the best acessories I could ask for: socks, base layers, caps and gloves. I have searched long and hard for just the right pair of mountain bike gloves and have found them with Prendas; breathable, lightweight and with an elasticated cuff. Their winter overshoes are the first well made set I've come across too, rubber soles which don't get all torn up and fall apart.

Along with their other great items, it's the simple things which leave me with one less thing to think about.

TeamBath Logo

Athlete Support - TeamBath

The athlete support at Bath University is one of the best in the country. With access to Olympic level training facilities, physio and sports massage, there aren't many better places to be.

I use the gym 2-3 times per week to build up my core stability.

MyLifePT Logo

Coach - Andy Wadsworth

Andy is one of the best in the business and has coached a wealth of other top level cyclists; conveniently he is only 2mins walk from my house in Bristol.

His main trade is personal training but as an accomplished World Cup racer himself, he has a strong passion for developing Elite athletes.

Like all good coaches, you really get back what you put in through feedback and Andy is always there to give words of advice.

Peter Giddings

Bike Fit - Peter Giddings

A good bike fitting is vitally important and not something that can easy be done yourself. After Pete's fitting my position was noticeably cleaner. With stretching it has lead to a better pedal style, eliminated over-tightening around my left knee and made me more powerful and secure. I now feel a lot more at home on the bike which leads to better quality training.

Pete does bike fittings local to the Bath area.

Bad Ass Bikes Logo

Mechanic - Rob 'Box' Cooksley

Owner of B.A.B, Box is the best man to go to for any bike problems, wheel repairs/building or just for a chat! He is an honest guy and after being a DH and XCO racer himself knows a lot about the scene.

Exposure Lights

USE / Exposure Lights

USE Exposure Lights supply me with the best bicycle lights around. Useful during the winter months, thier 'Red Eye' rear light is what a rear light should be and ensures drivers have no excuses! The lights of course come in handy during any off-road endurance events which I take part in too.

A USE bottle cage adds a special touch to my bikes, and holds a bottle with confidence off-road; I've yet to have one fall out.

My Bikes